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Javier Diaz

Clinic Director, Registered Physiotherapist & Medical Acupuncture Provider


About Me

Javier: Dedicated Physiotherapist and Acupuncture Expert

Javier, a graduate of Western University with an Honor Specialization degree in Health Sciences (2016), has passionately pursued a career in physiotherapy, culminating in a Master’s degree from McMaster University in 2018. His journey in this field is driven by a deep commitment to patient care and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, evidenced by his diverse post-graduate courses in acupuncture, cervical and low back assessment, shoulder treatment, soft tissue release, and advanced mobilization techniques.

A testament to his dedication is Javier's special interest in Acupuncture, a discipline he not only mastered by graduating from McMaster University’s Medical Acupuncture Program in 2019 but also continues to contribute to as a tutor. His expertise is recognized with his certification from the Canadian Academy of Medical Acupuncture.


Javier's extensive experience, spanning thousands of hours as a physiotherapist and over a decade of shadowing healthcare professionals, is further enriched by his personal journey of overcoming multiple injuries. This unique perspective allows him to empathize deeply with his patients, understanding firsthand the challenges and triumphs of rehabilitation. He believes that the key to successful treatment lies not just in technical expertise, but in providing tailored support and a personalized plan to meet each patient's specific goals.

Hobbies & Fun Facts

Away from the clinic, Javier is an avid sports enthusiast. His love for basketball, powerlifting (where he has impressively placed 2nd in two competitions), and hiking with his girlfriend and dog, reflects his belief in the importance of an active lifestyle. These hobbies not only keep him grounded but also provide practical insights into sports-related injuries and rehabilitation techniques. Javier also enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and music, and values the time spent with his family and friends.

With a holistic approach to treatment and a personal commitment to each patient's journey, Javier stands out as a physiotherapist who not only heals but also inspires. His leadership in the clinic he owns is guided by these same principles, ensuring a warm, inclusive, and professional environment for all who seek his care.

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